Angellozzi Tartufi and their Premium Winter Black Truffles

Angellozzi Tartufi and their Premium Winter Black Truffles

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Truffles as a lifestyle. Since their birth, Emidio and Zenobio Angellozzi have been living and working in Roccafluvione, in the province of Ascoli Piceno. They are the last ones of a “truffle-hunters” dynasty that finds its origins in the second half of the 19th century and place their trust in the latest generation, composed by hard-working and cultured young people who are aware of the future ahead of them but, most of all, respectful of their own past. Five generations have been spent to improve the best truffle cultivation techniques. The first generation is represented by Giuseppe who foresaw the potentials.

He also began to identify production sites and train pigs to search these precious mushrooms. At the beginning, it was just a passion but soon became a real business by playing an essential role in the whole family’s economy. Emidio and Zenobio are leading the company now, together with their families. In their company, subjected to strict standards with due regard for safety and the environment, there are twelve farmhands and seventeen “harvesting companions”, their dogs. Supported by their knowledge, in 1979 the Angellozzis made the decision to mycorrhize Mediterranean rock rose shrubs (Cistus incanus).

Remarkable quantities of truffles are obtained from plantations with rock rose (Cistus Incanus) combined with oak trees (Quercus pubescens), which are highly appreciated by experts. The Angellozzi family has chosen to plant truffle-producing trees on abandoned lands, which were used in the past for the cultivation of vines and olive trees, on very steep sloping areas. That is why cultivation is done by hand, just like it was Emidio started hunting for truffles against his parent’s will who actually would have wanted him to have a future in a suit and tie. “After initial disagreements – says Emidio – my father was very proud of me and, supporting my choice, he helped me by offering his own experience.” “In the 1990s, along with my brother Zenobio, we reached a 1,700 kg record of truffles harvest in a year.

Having still my father with me was a great satisfaction and, in the years ahead, he could also witness my success.” Emidio Angellozzi runs his company with attitude, preparation, and modern approaches. He speaks French properly, while the new generation is ready to answer the phone in English, Russian, and Chinese in order to conquer the most promising international markets. . Emidio applies to cultivation techniques the knowledge acquired and passed from generation to generation that produced good results in free harvesting. His techniques were regarded with suspicion and did not meet with the approval of many Italian truffle cultivation researchers. “Like many success stories – explains Emidio – we were initially criticized, but when people came from France, Spain and Australia to study our techniques, many changed their minds and recognized the value of our work.” in the past. “The amount of time devoted to plant care would be considered as a high cost in a big company. It is an important investment for us – explains Emidio – because it gives us the advantage of closely monitoring any signs of suffering of plants and trees and therefore of the truffle plantation itself.” Angellozzi Tartuficoltura is almost exclusively devoted to the sale of fresh truffles, Premium Winter Black Truffles, in particular. This product has allowed the company to place itself on international markets and gain consensus in all competitions.

Their profound knowledge of the truffle world and respect of their familiar history and nature, have determined the choice of not selling products that have little to do with real truffles. “The idea that there are companies – says Emidio – that sell products such as truffle oil, butter, creams, sauces, as well as cheese, saddens me very much. In these little jars that you can find on some supermarket shelves that praise themselves to only sell “excellence”, truffles are inexistent or totally missing.” “The strong taste in your mouth, with a distant memory of the taste of truffles, is bismethylthiomethane, a petrol-based substance.
As a truffle company, we have always refused to sell anything that is not 100% natural. “To fight against these synthetic products, we have been providing information on them and we are currently finalizing the very last details of an important business project, entrusted to Simone Serafini, our social media expert. This project will soon involve a large number of consumers.” “Only an aware consumer is able to choose. A lot of people give up on buying natural products because of a negative encounter with synthetic “truffle- products”. Our project called “Le tue cene” (Your Dinners) is a new and free-of-charge information website.” ”We have chosen to make our experience available for consumers – concludes Emidio Angellozzi – and look for the best solution together. Consumers will only have to talk about themselves, what they want to prepare, their guests, and their ideas in the kitchen.”
We will carefully read the information we receive and adjust any different needs on quantity, selection, and size for them. On our website, you can find further information. We have chosen to do this job for passion and we will carry on doing it with commitment.”