Angellozzi Tartuficoltura

Our Passion

Respect for truffle and its consumers


In the Past

Angellozzi is a family of “truffle hunters” from Vallicella, a small village within the Municipality of Roccafluvione, an area in the Piceno hinterland, where the presence of truffles was considered even invasive, due to competition on traditional agricultural crops. In the first half of the Nineteenth Century, the first generation of truffle hunters began with Giuseppe, who soon understood that truffles were a resource.
He began to identify the various production sites, to train pigs for hunting truffles first to add taste to poor peasant dishes and later to offer truffles for sale, as a consequence of the large amounts harvested.
Sale was based almost primarily on barter: a few kilograms of truffles for a pair of broken shoes, which would allow his children not to go barefoot; some piece of lard, which was useful in the diet of that time, some clothes less torn than those they wore…
Truffles soon acquired a fundamental role in the economy of the entire peasant family, who would make sacrifices during the harvest period.





Men went harvesting and stayed out for days, in the cold or bad weather. At that time, they travelled only on foot. Women replaced their men during their absence, in jobs and roles, with a heavier burden on their situation.
Enormous efforts were required even from the travel companion, up to the extreme effort; although a very strong link was established between the “hunter” and his pig, the animal had to be sacrificed at the end of every “harvest season”. This was inevitable to help the poor peasant family for food.
For the Angellozzi family and, for the generations that succeeded until after World War II, truffles were a vital additional income, to exchange or pay for basic necessities, such as those purchased by the way on the promise of payment in the nearby shop in Roccafluvione. Truffles became gradually, over the years the Italian miracle and thereafter, an alternative and unique income.
Over time, with their historical connection, for the Angellozzi family truffles became a lifestyle.


Tartuficoltura at present

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura, is the fifth generation of a family of truffle hunters and the keeper of secrets related to truffle harvest that have refined the knowledge they acquired and apply it in order to improve the techniques for growing truffles.
While becoming a business in time, thanks to the strong bond with truffle products, which has first fed the family and then ensured economic opportunities, Angellozzi Tartuficoltura decided to ensure the best quality of products from the beginning.
This was the choice that makes it different from all the businesses that take advantage of lack of knowledge to sell fake products, where truffles are almost or totally non-existent, because products are obtained with synthetic oils, such as truffle oil, cream, truffle butter, sauces, cheese, and many other products that give unaware consumers only the illusion of eating truffles.