Hand-chopped beef on bark

Hand-chopped beef on bark

Recipe by Massimiliano Alajmo of Le Calandre restaurant (*** Michelin) in Padua, Italy

INGREDIENTS (for 4 persons)

for the chopped beef

300 gr. trimmed beef, preferably Piemontese “fasone”,
a tender,
flavorful shoulder cut;
40 gr. sparkling mineral water,
12 gr. extra virgin olive oil;
6 gr. natural white truffle paste;
4 gr. salt;
1 gr. castor sugar;
1 chive, minced;
1 drop garlic oil;
a peppermill twist of black pepper

Remove the nerve structure of the meat, chop with a knife and, in a bowl, dress with both oils, truffle paste, salt, pepper and chive.
Mix well, and add cold water. Remove meat from bowl and refrigerate for 10 minutes but don’t wash the bowl.

for the whole-wheat bread

2 slices warm whole-wheat bread;
Pinch of unwashed coarse sea salt;
Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil;
1 chive,

chopped Break the bread into bite-sized pieces, place in the bowl that the meat was dressed in, and combine with salt, extra virgin and chives.

for the truffled egg sauce

200 gr. mayonnaise;
20 gr. cold water;
6 gr. natural white truffle paste;
1 gr. salt;
1 drop garlic oil

Mix mayonnaise with all ingredients to make a fluid sauce.

for the aromatic water for hand towels

1 lt. of water;
4 drops rose essence;
2 cloves;
1 star anise clove;
1 cinnamon stick;
rind of 2 oranges;
rind of 1 lemon

Pour water into a small bowl, add spices, citrus rinds and heat in the microwave on medium power.
Add rose essence, dip hand towels in mixture, roll them up, and keep warm.


12 slices fresh seasonal truffles;
4 pieces of star anise

Spoon a strip of truffled egg sauce on a bark serving dish or cutting board, top with 3 bite-sized portions of chopped beef, and slice fresh truffles over the beef.
Place a piece of dressed whole-wheat bread next to beef. Place hot towel on a plate and top with a star anise clove.
This dish, served with the warm bread, should be eaten with one’s hands, dipping the meat in the sauce.
Conclude by wiping hands with the aromatic hand towels hints
Massage pounded beef in order to liberate more collagens, making it more elastic.


Substitute pounded beef with a carpaccio and serve with truffle sauce and a salad of arugula, thinly sliced raw porcini mushrooms and black truffle.