Our summer black truffle canned and in brine

Our summer black truffle canned and in brine


Our Summer

Black Truffle canned and in brine

Whole Summer Black Truffle

The selections of whole truffles Extra,First Choice They are available in cans of 12, 50 and 100 grams

Peeling of Summer Black Truffle

“Truffle peelings” refer to the parts of truffles that are cut or fall during the selection after washing, such as ‘canifage’, or to improve their shape or appearance. This selection includes truffle pieces with diameter of 2/3 cm, whose pulp is stably ripe.
It is available only in cans of 12, 34, 80 and 160 grams

Brisure (Bits) of Summer Black Truffle

These are small pieces of summer black truffles of a few millimetres in diameter, which fall from truffles during harvesting or washing.
It is only available in cans of 15, 35, 80 and 150 grams



Summer Black Truffle Carpaccio

These are thin truffle slices, thickness of about 2 mm and diameter from 2 to about 4 cm, sterilised by autoclaving at 120 °C. The liquid in the can or glass container is the juice contained in the truffle that comes out during sterilisation.
It is available in cans of 33, 92, 185 grams and in glass jars of 15, 90 and 185 grams






Discover Angellozzi Tartuficoltura’s Winter Premium Black Truffle canned and in brine