Sibillini mountain truffles are the stars in Miami. Massimo Bottura is ambassador with the greatest chefs in the world

Sibillini mountain truffles are the stars in Miami. Massimo Bottura is ambassador with the greatest chefs in the world

Falling stars with Sibillini mountain truffles for the fund-raising dinner prepared by four of the greatest chefs in the world in support of “Food For Soul”, a non-profit organization.
The Sibillini Mountain Truffles have arrived in Miami, Florida.

This precious excellence of the Piceno and Fermo mountains – central Italy – have been the stars at the largest fund-raising dinner in the world, held on Sunday evening December 1st in Miami with four Michelin-starred chefs, including Massimo Bottura. His tortellini in Parmesan cheese cream had a delicious touch added by the best white truffles coming from the Sibillini Mountains and Amandola, central Italy. Part of the funds raised at the dinner was donated to Food for Soul, the non-profit organization founded by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore to reduce food waste and encourage social integration.

As is well known, Massimo Bottura was the main player in an event held in Amandola a few days ago within the project “Il tartufo dei Sibillini” dedicated to local truffles and supported by the bank foundation Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ascoli Piceno, in the framework of the “Earthquake Masterplan”, the Public Funding that financed several revival projects of the areas affected by the catastrophic 2016 earthquake.

The great Chef Massimo Bottura has contributed to the re-birth of these mountain areas in line with the Municipality of Amandola and Tuber Communications, by offering an extraordinary promotion for the Sibillini mountain truffles such as the “Once Upon a Kitchen” dinner, an unparalleled sensory experience that took place on Sunday December 1st  at the New World Center in Miami Beach. Along with Chef Bottura, the other great chefs involved were Mauro Colagreco, from Mirazur Restaurant in Menton (France), nominated as the best restaurant in 2019 by the World’s Best Restaurants, the ranking of the most influential restaurants in the world; Alex Atala, Brazilian chef from the D.O.M. restaurant in São Paulo (Brazil); and Antonio Bachour, a US pastry chef, among the most famous in the world. This parade of stars inaugurated this first and official event of the “Sibillini Mountain Truffles”, from Amandola (Italy) to the US.

As part of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Ascoli Piceno project, top quality white truffles were offered by Angellozzi Tartuficoltura from Roccafluvione (Italy), partner of the “Sibillini Mountain Truffles” project. Emidio Angellozzi, founder of Angellozzi Tartuficoltura, is one of the best known truffle-experts in the world.

In the pictures, Vanda Angellozzi, Angellozzi Tartuficoltura Manager in the US with Massimo Bottura, and Mauro Colagreco and Davide Di Fabio, sous-chefs of Massimo Bottura’s restaurant “Osteria Francescana”.

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