Truffle varieties

Truffle varieties

White Truffle angellozzi

White Truffle

(Tuber Magnatum Pico)

Winter Premium Black Truffle

(Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini)

Summer Black truffle

(Tuber Aestivum Vittadini)

We chose to produce the three most appreciated truffle varieties. Truffles undergo a first selection as soon as they are harvested and, after washing carried out only by hand to preserve their aesthetic appearance related to any possible abrasions caused by mechanical washing. The final and meticulous selection is carried out on every single truffle, in relation to each parameter aesthetic-qualitative parameter.

The selection of truffles

The selection of truffles



Quality Parameters

To meet our and our customers’ quality standards, we submit every single truffle to visual, tactile and olfactory inspections.
Multiple parameters are taken into account for selection of truffles:

  • Right elasticity of the fruit body;
  • Stability of all peridium parameters;
  • Gloss and stable shades of the glebe;
  • Intensity of aromas and persistence over time.

Appareance Parameters

Our long experience has enabled us to understand that some customers had a particular desire to bring extremely refined-looking truffles to their tables, paying much attention to:

  • Regular shape;
  • Integrity of the fruit body;
  • Diameter of the circumference;
  • Total absence of small cuts or abrasions ;
  • Lack of nuances.
Without affecting quality parameters, our different selections of truffles (Super Extra, Extra, First Choice, Selected pieces) originate from a purely aesthetic, not qualitative, assessment of each fruit body.