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What do we offer?

Product Categories

Fresh Truffles

nero fresco

Truffles in Brine

Conservato tartufo estivo

Frozen Truffles

tartufo bianco surgelato intero




Fresh truffles' availability

Fresh truffles’availability differs according to the seasonal period:

  • White truffles and Autumn black truffles are available from October to December.

  • Winter black truffles are available from late December throughout late March.

  • Summer black truffles are available from late May throughout December.

Truffles in brine and frozen truffles' availability

In regards to preserved and frozen truffles’ supplies,
Angellozzi Tartuficoltura guarantees full availability throughout any periods of the year and any quantities.

Professionals in the sector

Professionals in the sector

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura focuses its full attention to industry professionals
such as Restaurant owners, Distributors, Gastronomies
By committing in order to satisfy their request and needs and by always offering top quality products.




How we deliver our products

Careful preparation of Packaging, ensuring to maintain freshness of our products, Express deliveries all over Europe, America and Asia, delivery within 24/48h and further necessary times for customs clearance.

Respect for Truffles

Who are we?

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura is a family of truffle "hunters" tied with truffles for 5 generations


Respect for Truffles

Gratitude for truffles, which were traded with basic necessities, they initially fed the family, then offered economic opportunities to the following generations, leading Angellozzi to truffles as their lifestyle.

The quality of our truffles


The quality of our truffles

The Research

Why choosing Angellozzi Tartuficoltura

Throughout years of research, the Angellozzi family has selected and reproduced the best local ecotypes of white, Premium winter black truffles, and black summer truffles. The technical knowledge acquired and implemented in truffle cultivation has ensured significant quantities throughout almost the whole year, ensuring truffle supply to all company’s customers.QUALITY OF OUR TRUFFLES From harvesting on, every single truffle intended for sale.



The selection of truffles

Aesthetic-qualitative parameters

From harvesting on, every single truffle intended for sale undergoes a number of very strict checks in relation to all aesthetic-qualitative parameters, which ensure very high quality of any truffles offered. This aspect is a key of success for Angellozzi in international competition, confirming once again the prestige of products ‘Made in Italy’.

Refusing truffle aromas


Refusing truffles aromas

The respectful bond between the Angellozzi family and truffles is the reason for refusing the production of products ‘with truffle aroma’, that is all those fake truffle-flavoured products such as oils, butters, sauces…

This choice has made Angellozzi unique in this sector!!

Fresh and preserved truffles

Fresh and preserved truffles

The best quality

The traditional family consumption of freshly harvested truffles and awareness that the best quality can only be offered with fresh truffles led Angellozzi to the choice of selling exclusively fresh truffles to meet every request of frozen truffles and truffles in brine.


Frozen and preserved truffles

Although Angellozzi Tartuficoltura has always been oriented to the promotion of fresh truffles consumption, the company is able to meet any requests of frozen truffles and truffles in brine. The list of ingredients of our truffles in brine is extremely short: truffles and salt.


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