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Angellozzi Tartuficoltura

The tradition continues




Growing and production


Angellozzi Tartuficoltura is the fifth generation of a family of truffle hunters and the keeper of secrets related to truffle harvest that have refined the knowledge they acquired and apply it in order to improve the techniques for growing truffles.

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Precious Truffles

High Quality

Our products

fresh, canned and in brine and frozen truffles

Our company is almost exclusively devoted to the sale of fresh truffles. However, to meet the different market requirements, we have created a unique line of canned and in brine products

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High Quality Truffles

For gourmet meals


Our truffles

White truffle, Winter Premium Black Truffle, Summer Black Truffle

We chose to produce the three most appreciated truffle varieties and our four different selections of truffles: Super Extra, Extra, Choice, Select pieces depend on parameters of choice which is subjected every single truffle

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100% truffle, no artificial flavouring

100% truffle, no artificial flavouring





Angellozzi tartuficoltura is therefore THE ONLY EXISTING BUSINESS refusing fake products, proposing – like from the first generation – the sale almost exclusively of fresh truffles, a condition in which truffles give their best quality.

Angellozzi Tartuficoltura has the same respect of the past for truffles and consumers and will follow its slow and inexorable path, as it has done for generations, because it is aware that to be successful in the world of truffles, as in any business, passion and dedication are necessary, not just the lure of easy money.