(Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini) Premium Black Truffle

(Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini) Premium Black Truffle

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi tartuficoltura

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi tartuficoltura

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi tartuficoltura

Premium Black

The most sought-after truffle

This winter truffle variety ripens from December to late March. Its peridium (skin) is warty, matte black, and warts are not very prominent. The shape is depressed at the top, and the colour is reddish at the base.
The pulp is purple-black crossed by numerous thin white veins that become black after sterilisation.

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi Super Extra Selection

Super Extra Selection

Only the best truffles of this variety are part of this category. They have very rounded, nearly spherical, shape with a stable mature pulp. They have no external defects, only very small cuts in the skin in order to show the quality of their pulp.

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi Extra Selection

Extra Selection

This is the most available selection in nature. Truffles have a regular and rounded shape and may have very slight aesthetic defects, such as scratches, cuts, etc.
The quality of the pulp does not differ from the previous selection.

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi first choice

First Choice

Selections of whole truffles regular in shape with the presence of possible lobes. The surface may have small scratched portions.
The pulp is qualitatively like the previous and superior selections.

Premium Black Truffles angellozzi Selection Pieces

Selection Pieces

Truffles broken during harvesting, washing, or properly cut, are included in this category. Their pulp, as for the other categories, has no maturation defects.

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